Well, we made it to the last week of CO 402 class! It’s been quite an experience, and I feel all the better for having taken this class in my last semester at CSU. I think that I experienced a lot of learning, thought, communication, frustration, and triumph throughout this semester, and I’m very glad that I decided to try something new.

The beginning of this class was stressful, to say the least. I am an English Literature major, which means that I’ve spent most of my time with physical texts, reading materials, and writing assignments. Seeing the syllabus was overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, because I was unfamiliar with many of the terms for learning used and I did not have any familiarity with many of the technologies listed. I felt that I was diving headfirst into a pool in which I was completely unprepared to swim.

However, I can successfully say that, at the very end of the semester, I have learned more about myself and my capabilities in this class than I ever thought I would. I know now that I am able to take an assignment that looks completely foreign and, with help from my resources — online help, textbooks, class texts, classmates, and professor — I can create something new, unique, and actually good with some serious effort.

In the course of this semester, I have (often with the help of my awesome group — shoutout to Manton, Rachel, and Paul!) created a remix/mashup, a Photoshop self-portrait, a PSA about water, a video with my friend on his work, a web text of coding (HTML and CSS), and (soon) a documentary. I’m so excited to see how our long-form project turns out (I think it’s going to be quite fantastic), and I’m so thankful for all of the awesome experiences I’ve had in Digital Rhetoric and Design this semester. Thanks for coming along on the journey with me!


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