Yesterday in class, Tim gave us the opportunity to provide him (and the rest of the class) with feedback on our entire experiences with the class this semester. We discussed the assignments that worked well, the things that we would change if we could take the class over again, and the lessons that we have learned throughout the semester (based on the five main concepts of the class’s structure).

Generally, people were critical of the overall class structure. Some students mentioned that they would have preferred more feedback and instruction on certain assignments because they felt too out of their element on some of the topics. However, it was difficult for others to deal with the class structure because they knew some of the concepts too well. I believe that this would be an incredibly difficult class to teach because there are so many facets of digital rhetoric that need to be addressed in just a single semester. I think that we would all be able to learn a lot more over the course of the class (and go deeper into each topic) if this was a full year-long class.

I believe that, if I could change one thing about this class, I would change the way that the long-form project was structured. I think that, at least for me, the project was too spaced-out and the assignment was a bit too vague to be working on consistently from the beginning. It was nice to have ideas in the back of my mind throughout the semester, but I think that I would have benefitted more if we had received the actual assignment sheet (with the actual rubric, dynamics, deliverables, etc.) closer to the end of the semester, simply because I did not have enough knowledge about digital rhetoric (and my own interests within the subject) and my group did not have a specific trajectory in mind for our project. I think that we would have a much more cohesive long-form project now (at the end of the semester) if we had had more of a focus toward the last month or two of this year. However, I have no doubt that it will turn out great.


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