In one of our last weeks of the semester, we have been tasked with providing others feedback on their long-form projects. Since my project is a group project, we have been told to provide feedback to another group, and this time, we are critiquing Group 4’s long-form project. I have been attempting to come up with good, useful, and constructive feedback for Group 4 tonight, but it is quite a difficult task for me.

When I am giving criticism of a specific assignment for another person, I always begin to feel awkward, because I think that I am being too mean or critical, or that I am just “looking for problems” to point out. I think that Group 4 has a great idea for their project (a website, blog, images, and videos on local, large, and international breweries) and I know that their final product will be great without my feedback. However, I am hoping that I can contribute a few tidbits of knowledge or outside insight on the project in order to shed some light on their ideas in a way that they might not be able to see from so close to the project itself.

I am really looking forward to the feedback that our group will receive from Group 6 by Friday, which will (hopefully) help us in our quest to create a brilliant and poignant documentary. 🙂


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