Throughout the course of this Digital Rhetoric and Design class, the topic of surveillance and the capabilities of technology to “spy” on us and invade our privacy has come up quite often. We have had several in-class presentations on technologies such as the Tor router, VPNs, and global mass surveillance in general, which have sparked several conversations on the ability of the United States government, businesses, and other agencies to see parts of us that even our closest friends don’t know about, such as our browsing history, private images, health records, and more.

I am still not quite sure how I feel about this topic. I do believe that individuals like Edward Snowden have helped the public to realize the extent to which we (as ordinary citizens) are being watched on a daily basis. It’s certainly frightening to think about someone knowing me better than I might even know myself, especially in a time when privacy is of the utmost importance to many of us.

I don’t feel that I have ever done anything that would warrant surveillance on my every move, but the reality seems to be that that fact does not matter to hackers or even the government. I have nothing to hide, but it seems categorically wrong to take my personal information without my knowledge or consent. I hope that we discuss this topic further, because it’s something I’m very interested in learning more about and exploring my options for creating personal privacy further.


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