This week, one of our main focuses for this class is accessibility, especially of web pages. We are working on navigating a website and making sure that it is accessible for the most people possible. I think that this is very important. Even as an extremely able-bodied and minded person, I have trouble navigating certain web pages all the time. If a website does not take the time to consider a wide variety of people in their audience (with different levels of ability and cognition), they will have many potential consumers who simply turn away from their page without engaging (or even trying to engage).

We learned the accessibility tool WAVE, which scours a web page for errors, improvements that could be made for a specific audience, and the limits of the HTML coding on the site. The tool provides the user with specific actions that they can take to make the site/page more accessible for all people and more user-friendly in general. I believe that user-friendliness is incredibly important for readers and web searchers, because there have been many websites into which I have run that have made it incredibly hard for me to engage, and that immediately turns me off of the site (no matter how important their message is).

I hope that our team can learn how to make websites more accessible through this tool and can use that knowledge in our own HTML project, in which we will be making our own web pages that will hopefully be accessible to a wide and numerous audience.


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