Our group met today to create a schedule for filming and editing our long-form project documentary — essentially, a schedule for the rest of the semester. Before we met, I was beginning to get quite nervous about our project and our looming deadlines, but our group meeting made me feel much more confident in our ability to create something great in a fairly short amount of time.

Our plan is to film an interview (we have the basic scripts prepared) with a professor from Warner College of Natural Resources at CSU and spend a day polling students on the LSC Plaza next week for a large portion of our footage. The rest of our footage will come from two field trips (which will take place the following week) to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Office in Fort Collins and Rocky Mountain National Park, which is about an hour away. We have group members who have connections to those who can speak with us for these interviews, and I believe that they will go well!

Our editing will most likely be completed in the first week of May, which will give us plenty of time to get feedback on the long-form project and put the finishing touches on the documentary before turning it in during the last week of classes. I believe that this will be a meaningful and well-made project that we can all be proud of in the long run.


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