I’ve always had a difficult time missing class (for any reason), because I always seem to miss so much. I missed class last Thursday due to a job interview in Denver (yay!), and, unfortunately, I had to miss another day of HTML instruction. I believe that this class has become more and more engaging over time, and this unit has been particularly interesting for me because it is a task that we can all work on separately, and because Tim has been showing us exactly what to do on the projector screen. I struggled with the remix project because we had very little instruction, but I have felt like this unit has been full of quite a bit more structure.

However, missing class has set me back quite a bit. For example, I do not know how to use a specific font in HTML code, and I have not learned the process of opening Google docs anonymously, which were the topics covered in last week’s class (at least, that’s what I have heard from classmates).

I hope that I did not miss too much and that my group members can catch me up on the HTML information I did not receive in class. I believe that our group can create a very interesting webpage design if we put our brains together for the next concept expansion.


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