Tim told us this in class on Thursday. It was very difficult for me to hear because I have always been quite the perfectionist. I always want to do my work efficiently, thoughtfully, and well. However, Tim believes that, as long as we are trying, learning, and even failing, we are learning correctly.

Not only does this not jive with my personal paradigm when it comes to academics, but it also goes against everything I have been taught in college settings so far. My experiences in university classes have taught me that earning an A grade only comes from a perfected final product.

I appreciate Tim’s “failing is learning” philosophy, and I hope that I can get more accustomed to it as the semester finishes up. I know that I will definitely never be perfect when it comes to this class — the technology aspect simply does not line up with my own experience and preparedness, but I know that, over time, I have absolutely been, and will continue to be, learning. And, really, learning is the important thing.

I will continue to apply the “failing is learning” concept to our remix project (which is not going nearly as well as we had planned) and eventually to our long-form project! If we can ever find time to work on the long-form project… This semester is busy and hard. That’s where I’m at right now.


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