Yesterday’s class was incredibly frustrating for me. We were working on remixing three songs together in Audacity and I could not get the songs to blend the way I wanted them to. I had grand plans in my mind about separating vocals and instrumentals, making the beats coordinate, speeding up some elements and slowing down others, and generally creating something we could be proud of. However, I learned that my meager Audacity skills were not enough to remix our three songs in the way I wanted, which was quite a disappointment.

I wish that I had more of a creative ear and a knack for these sorts of projects, but I think that my group had a good idea about switching from Audacity to an Adobe product, which I think will work a lot better in tomorrow’s class. I’m confident that my group (full of awesome people) will be able to pull this off (even if it is at the last minute) really well and create a remix that we’ll remember—for better or worse! 🙂


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