This week, we have been on spring break from school, which means that I planned to do a lot of things for school over the week and then found the week slipping away from me more and more quickly.

I’m worried about how our remix will end up, because I definitely planned on learning about the process (on Audacity, etc.) throughout the week to be completely prepared for class Tuesday. However, I found that I had very little time this week and never got the chance to research these methods, and I certainly would not blame my team members if the same thing happened to them. I think we all needed a break this week.

I’m hoping that we will have enough class time to finish our remix/mashup, Concept Expansion 3 (as a group), my presentation, and also work on our Long-Form Project this week and in the coming weeks, which I know will be incredibly packed with school/work/job searching/graduation plans.

This is what I’m struggling with right now — as I scramble to get all my homework done for the week — but I know that my group will come together to do some great work!


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