We also had the opportunity to meet with Tim this week and discuss our long-form project. We still have a lot of decisions to make about our documentary, but Tim seemed to believe that we have a solid project that could create some positive change in the world.

Since our project proposal several weeks ago, each person who has read and observed our plans for the project has told us not to include a blog for our video production and reflection work. Tim reiterated this sentiment at our meeting. So it seems as though we should nix the blog site idea and stick to strictly a documentary-style long-form project.

We have a basic script typed up for our interviews, and we have a vague list of people we want to interview for the documentary. We would like to contact several national parks workers in the Northern Colorado area, and we believe that we will be able to determine the issues that affect national parks most through these interviews. We will also gauge awareness on this topic by polling students on the Plaza during school hours to take pictures and post them on social media, interview students for the documentary, and collect data on levels of awareness to provide as evidence in the movie.

Tim suggested that we narrow our focus for the documentary from all national parks to Rocky Mountain National Park, so that we can determine how we can best support RMNP and our local national park community.

Tim also encouraged us to make this documentary as more of a viral campaign to raise awareness about the ecological impact to national parks going on in the world today. We believe that, if we use social media in a savvy and relevant way, we can draw a large audience and truly raise awareness in our Fort Collins community.


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