Yesterday, we started working on a design project in our class groups in which we create and publish a Public Service Announcement about the NISP Northern Water project from a specific perspective (of an organization that has a stake in the matter). My group got an interesting side, because we are representing Northern Water. All four of us disagree with the NISP project and would not normally support Norther Water in this situation, but I believe that this extra challenge creates a more interesting element to our PSA.

I’m thinking that this project will be great practice for our group’s long-form project, which will be similar to the PSA, but on a much larger scale. Our long-form project will be a 30-minute documentary on national and local parks, while this design project will be a video that only lasts 45 seconds to a minute and a half.

I believe that this project will require more research and delving into differing opinions, which is very healthy, especially in an academic setting. Even with all the time we had in class yesterday, we were having a difficult time coming up with arguments supporting the NISP water project because of all of its adverse effects on the environment.

I hope that, tomorrow, we will be able to put our heads together and come up with some interesting footage, perspectives, and public relations standpoints for Northern Water so that we can do this PSA justice!


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