This week, we are also working on providing and receiving peer feedback on our long-form project proposal drafts. I believe that peer feedback is incredibly valuable, especially for projects that span a long period of time and require a lot of planning and perspective. I’m excited to hear what my classmates have to say about our group’s draft and hopefully revise it to create an even better, more concise concept for our documentary.

However, I always struggle with navigating the line between constructive criticism and harsh judgement when I’m the one providing feedback to my peers. I feel mean when I suggest changes or subtractions and condescending when I give praise.

I know that peer feedback is an integral part of the “real world” and to building relationships and networks in career fields, but I always struggle to find the right balance between kindness and constructiveness. If anyone reading this has any suggestions for giving feedback in the future, I would love to hear your advice!


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