Since we were given the prompt for our long-form project, I’ve been a little nervous about deciding on a topic and committing to creating something completely new and rooted in technology. I’ve been toying with the idea of using video as my means and activism as my prompt, but I really wasn’t certain on what I should do.

Thankfully, I teamed up with my group, and I’m really excited about what we’ve decided on. We’re going to create a 30-minute documentary in which we find out what issues will impact the future of national parks most and then advocate for those issues in a public manner. We believe that potential topics that could be brought up by national park workers and visitors, CSU students, and advocates for various social issues will be climate change, censorship, animal rights/hunting, ecosystem alterations, accessibility, visitation influxes,’s “America First Energy Plan,” and water rights/supplies.

I believe that national parks are in danger in many ways at the moment, and I hope that by working with local organizations and community members, we will help get necessary information to the public about the resources available to them and the needs of the national park world.

As for the technological aspect of this project, I think that we will be able to pool our resources and knowledge together to build upon our strengths and create something new. Although we will all be working together to put this documentary together, my main job will be script and blog writing. I know that this will be simple enough, but I’ll also be contributing to video editing (I have iMovie on my computer, which I’ve only used once, and very minimally), interviewing, and camera working (we’re using Rachel’s nice camera, which I’m very excited to learn about). I think that this will be a successful project with a valuable final product if all goes as planned!


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