This week, I’m working on completing my first concept expansion, which studies multimodality and multiliteracy. I decided that I wanted to perform an interview and video blog for this project, using QuickTime and iMovie on my computer. I’ve done one video blog before, but that was much more informal and informational. This time, I interviewed my friend Logan about his CNA job, and this video proved much more difficult than I was expecting.

The entire creation of this video has been a learning experience. I have used these technologies in the past, but in much more basic ways. This time, I had to learn to cut sections out, create transitions, import multiple video formats into iMovie, and even perform an interview in front of the camera. I spent quite a bit of time Googling techniques and methods for this concept expansion, and I had to watch several YouTube videos about iMovie procedures (which I thought would be much more intuitive than they actually were).

For me, though, the most difficult part of this assignment was the interviewing portion itself. I thought that this would be very similar to creating the podcast I make every week, but I found that recording oneself on video is much more difficult — or, at least, it is for me. I found myself becoming constantly self-conscious of how I looked, the places I was looking, and how I presented myself on the computer screen in front of me. When I watched the video again, I realized how poorly suited I am to the screen — I was too self-conscious and didn’t have much of a commanding presence in the interview. To me, it seemed much more awkward and stilted than the videos I typically watch on YouTube.

As much as I like interviewing people and learning from others, I think that, after this project is completed, I will probably stick to podcasting. I think my voice is much better suited when I’m not in front of a camera.

I did learn a lot throughout this process, though. I think that I would like to continue exploring iMovie and its capabilities — just not in the form of video blogs. In this class, I hope that I can continue learning methods like recording videos, creating movies, and interviewing interesting people who use technology in fascinating ways.


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