What was the purpose of setting deadlines as a class?

I believe that the purpose of this activity was to give the power to the class. So far, this class has been about asking good questions and supporting each other through our solutions. I believe that allowing us to set our own schedule gave us the autonomy in these assignments and made us feel as though the onus is on us to get our assignments completed on our own timeframe. Instead of setting deadlines for us and creating a rigid structure with no wiggle room, Tim provided us with the tools to learn at our pace, so that we would feel better about the assignments and directions in this class.


What was the purpose of the changing the syllabus assignment?

I appreciate that we were given the chance to change the syllabus around if we wanted. Personally, I didn’t feel that anything needed to change because I like the way that this class is structured and I’m just excited to get started with the learning technologies part, but I appreciate that, again, we were given the power to make this class what we want it to be — including grading each other and creating more opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback, which is an essential part of real learning.


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