In yesterday’s class, we went over the Critical Literacy Presentation guidelines and brief. My presentation will be on “Proximity and Micro-Location Marketing,” about which I know absolutely nothing, but I’m quite excited to begin my research and learn something completely new. I do know that marketing is becoming more and more personalized (and also more and more creepy) from some online digital marketing crash courses, but I don’t know how location-based marketing functions or works in practice for the businesses that use them.

I’m excited to work with marketing tools that can pinpoint nearly exact locations and personalize advertisements for consumers down to the very last detail. To me, these tools seem like the logical next step in marketing technology, but I also think that businesses and marketers need to be extremely careful with the information they gather in terms of violating the privacy of their consumers. I hope that I can learn enough about these cutting-edge tools to present them concisely and extensively to the class in a manner that both praises the technique’s benefits to consumers and also acknowledge its ethical shortcomings.

The aspect of this project that I’m most anxious about, though, is the presentation part itself. I really dislike public speaking — I know, I should be good at it by now because I’ve been in the university world long enough — and I always get anxious about having to stand at the front of class and teaching something I don’t feel as though I know much about. I know that every chance for public speaking makes me better, but this is one of the main points of anxiety for me in this class.


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