In this class, we’ve been discussing digital literacy and its accessibility for various demographics and individuals. Today, I had a personal experience in which I had to come to terms with my own deficiencies in media literacy. I lost my computer cord in one of my classes, and no amount of frantically searching campus remedied my situation. Today, I was forced to adjust to changing my digital routine and relying on the kindness of others to get through my academic work.

I’m currently typing this blog post on a borrowed computer and I’m thankful that I didn’t need to use any files (regretfully) saved locally on my laptop for this assignment. Because my computer was also a gift three years ago, I also learned the limited accessibility of many personal technology tools – if I were to replace my computer cord today, it would cost about $90. Thankfully, I have access to other resources until I can have a cheaper option shipped online. In the meantime, though, I will have to rely on my resources on campus and through friends to get my academic and professional work completed.

However, as timely as this experience was in terms of this class, I have had to come to terms with my own (vast) limitations when it comes to my level of digital literacy. I have been struggling simply with using different keyboards and needing to type in my passwords (they’re normally saved on my laptop). I think that this indicates my deficiency in using multiple forms of technology. I’ve realized that getting complacent isn’t good and that I should be constantly striving to use and practice with new and different tools so that these situations aren’t catastrophic in the future.

Clearly, I have a lot of personal privilege when it comes to my access of digital technology, but I’m not using my resources to the extent that I should. I hope that I can continue improving my personal media literacy in this class.


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