This week was spent learning about basic course expectations, preparing for major assignments, and setting ourselves up technologically for the rest of the semester. We learned how to set up the extension on our laptops so that we can interact more consciously and socially with others online. I spent a lot of last night looking through the annotations on some of my favorite websites, which felt like unlocking a side of the internet that I would never have known existed otherwise.

I’m very excited to get started with learning the technological aspects of this class, but I know that there will be many roadblocks along the way. I am, first and foremost, a reader and writer, which means that most of my English classes have required little to no knowledge of computer-based tools, besides maybe a blog site here and there. I’ve always been one of those “I’m an English major — don’t ask me to set up the projector” people, but I know that being an English major does not prohibit me from learning new things and engaging more deeply with technology.

I am slightly anxious about learning everything completely from scratch, but I sincerely believe that engaging my ability to communicate well in this class will help me through the learning process. I know that having skills like coding, design, production, multimodality, and more will be useful and stand out to future employers, so I’m ready to dive in and get started on some of these difficult topics next week!


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